Syndicate guide to shredding stateside. Northstar California


Jet lag was kicking in I was wide awake at 530 am the view from the balcony of the lake was black as it was still the middle of the night lucky for me there was a 24 hour casino downstairs. When the daylight arrived I headed out for a run to try and get the sunset shot looking onto the lake.



The sand was frozen on the beach I almost broke my ankle so I went back and got ready for the next adventure which was Northstar. This was around an hours drive unless you want to stop every 5 minutes and take shots of the lake. 2 hours later we hooked up with an old buddy of mine who taught me all I know about MCing so it’s Bennets fault.. Northstar didn’t get the dump that Heavenly got the previous day so this meant that the resort was pretty much a mix of the Snowdome meets Scotland. Ice and sugary goodness. We met the boys and went straight to the bar for what was now lunch as we were 4 hours later than planned. The park at Northstar has a killer rep and to it’s credit they had made a maximum effort  under terrible conditions. We stuck to park laps for the afternoon until finding out that at 2-230 there is free champagne at the Tost bar with a DJ and fire pits. We obviously turned up at 3 and bought a bottle anyway.. Everyone’s riding got way better and on that note we said our goodbyes and drove back the other way around the lake to see what views were to be had after some random on a chairlift had told us too. Once again it was spectacular. We found a Viking style homestead that had been built in the woods by the edge of the lake over 100 years with a tearoom on an island that was only accessible by rowboat.