Syndicate guide to shredding stateside. Kirkwood California


 The locals choice around Tahoe is Kirkwood. Steep runs lots of chutes, cliff drops and trees. This was one that got us excited the most. With there just being a day at each resort in California we opted to leave the best until last as snow was forecast. Sadly the snow was rain. Really heavy rain.  The clue that this may not be amazing was all the locals getting in their cars and leaving as we were arriving.



The first run was stickier than a teenage boys bed sheets so we headed up the chair to the famous wall. “Experts only” with skull and cross bones greeted us as we loaded on the long ass chair. The rain turned to snow half way up.  The wind turned to gales. Through the flat light and white out you can see the potential that the locals talked about. The snow felt better under foot. We rode back down to the rain and decided that a warm bowl of chilli would be the highlight of the day. It was time to head to Reno. What happens in Reno stays in Reno or something like that. I prefer to say that what happens in Reno is jack shit as it’s crap. Lets fly to Colorado