Syndicate guide to shredding stateside. Heavenly California

Here I was master plan had been set and we were heading off to Colorado for 3 weeks of happiness. For these that have ever followed my adventures there is usually a hiccup or two so it was no surprise when my buddy whipple who’s house we stay at in Vail told me after we had booked our flights that he needed his house for a bit longer. So the adventure now begins 4 flights and 27 hours as we land in Reno and head to Lake Tahoe. This is the Syndicate guide to shredding America.



So with a few last minute changes we pulled  the hire car up to the valet at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (yes casino turns out we were staying in Nevada who knew eh) at $79 a night located in South Lake Tahoe this would be our base for the California adventure of our stateside shred. The reasons behind us choosing these resorts were simple. It works out cheaper to buy a season pass($849) if you are going to ride for over a week($140 a day yeah a day!!) and in our case the “epic” pass covers a shit tonne of resorts which included Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood on the Cali side




The Gondy was 5 minutes walk from the Hard Rock. The fresh Donut stall 4 minutes. Breakfast was sorted and despite it being the worst winter for about a billion years Heavenly had just had a fresh dump and we headed up the Gondy. If you are heading up make sure you face back down the hill. As we turned round it was our first view of Lake Tahoe. Honestly it was mind blowing. As we reached the top we got out the piste map like a bunch of tourists and made our choices. California or Nevada! One way the view was the desert the other was the lake. It was a bluebird day and time to find our snow legs. After a morning of searching for any of the parks so we could get the instagram shot of hitting the kicker with the lake in the background ski patrol pointed out to us that there had not been enough snow to cover the groomers let alone build a par we decided to go get a drink and work on our goggle tans whilst admiring the views. As much as you get a great deal with your epic pass Vail resorts which own all these resorts defo get their money back in the form of food and drink prices. A red bull and margarita was $25. Even on a good season you can’t ride back to town. We tried heading into some tree runs but the coverage was too bare. You could see the massive potential that Heavenly is. I bought a ski patrol tee with a dog on it and decided that this had been my best resort on the trip so far.




Stay the Nevada side of the state line it’s way cheaper and Cali is 2 minutes walk

Fly into Reno its around an hour transfer (Southwest was $100 return from Denver)

Car hire £89 with British Airways. No 4wd required as resorts are lower at base

Always bet on Black