Syndicate guide to shredding stateside. Beaver Creek Colorado


So off we now ventured to Colorado. Wearing our snowboard boots extra Syndicate hoodies and puffa jackets to make sure we didn’t go over our luggage allowance the trip through security was long and sweaty. Upon arriving at Denver the hire car company tried and tried to get us to upgrade for an extra $30 a day but with it being blue bird and no snow we seen no need to upgrade to an AWD for the 100 mile journey to Vail. They took the hint and gave us one anyway.


The tag line for Beaver is “not exactly roughing it”  On a blue bird day it’s cocoa and corduroy and you get a free hot chocolate as you get off the chair. Escalators lead you up to the chairs and all around the village are gas fire pits surrounded by comfy sofas. Walk into any of the food places you get handed tissues. Free water is at hand and to top it all off at 3pm everyday chefs walk out with trays of freshly baked cookies for you to eat until you feel sick. On a riding front Beaver has it all.



Our first day there could not have went better. It dumped over night so we shot off early from Vail (15 minute drive)  to ensure claiming first chair. With over a foot of fresh it was long awaited snow as Colorado had been having a lean spell. For these that have not been to Co. before the snow compared to Europe is also known as Champagne powder. It’s super light and fluffy leaving massive rooster tails in your wake so way more white room when you make your turns. First chair up to mid station and as others headed off to the right hand side of the mountain we got the next chair up to the top and worked our way down through the trees cutting in and out of some roped off areas enjoying the good stuff .



As we were about to shoot past the ski patrol they shouted on us stopping us to say wait a minute we are about to drop the rope and this run hasn’t been open all season. It was truly epic to get our first freshies of the season. Another dropped rope beckoned below as we wondered where everyone was whilst slashing big sprays for days. The only noises we could hear were the whoops and hollars of happiness as everyone chose their lines through the pow. We kept lapping until it was tracked out and headed for refreshments. With water free and a big tin of crackers out for these that are having chilli lunch was free and we knew we were getting cookies later. Despite the lack of snow for the season Beav has a decent park set up too. Located at the top of the birds of prey race course which is off to the right(set ski tracks for these groomer burns) the zoom park opens up with a good mix of boxes and a more technical line with c rails, double kinks and wall rides. This leads to 4 small to medium kickers again with a rail line down side and then boom you are out into the groomers and trees again. On a normal season there is 3 parks with a smaller and larger one fitting in between the zoom park. Aside from blasting down groomers or doing park laps Beaver has some sick tree runs. Head to the Aspens where there is perfect spaces and light unless like me you catch a tree stump and then volley yourself onto the next tree. The mountain is less busy than Vail so you do get more freshies for longer.



On your way back to Vail the options of apre are endless. Be full on hipster and head to the Vail brewing co. Or blend(see what I done there) in more with the locals and go to one of the dozens of now legal weed shops. Take your passport and there is literally everything from cookies to bath salts. When in Rome eh!