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Japow Day 2 Cortina

Our first day we headed to Cortina one of the go to resorts on a powder day. The bus system didn’t really work for us. We are staying in a part called Echoland which is on a bus route. The first bus was 720am which would not make the 720am connection to Cortina. We had all been awake since about 4am due to jet lag so decided to just get a taxi.

IMG_6274 Easier said than done. What’s Japanese for wait a minute? As we tried to type sentences into Google translate we finally got our taxi sorted. Cortina was about 30 minutes away 7000 yen(£40) on arrival we were greeted by a giant Tudor style hotel which was like Hogwarts meets the Shining. Inside was more like hot tub time machine.

IMG_6287After a 15 min queue for tickets(3500 yen) we hit up the lifts. The lift openings are staggered830/9/10 with the option of night skiing too. Queues were 10/15 mins due to the weekend and the weather. The lifts were more reminiscent of Scotland with the majority 2 man chair. With no footrest and only the occasional guard from falling I can only assume that when people fall off them they get a powder landing. The lifts are short in Cortina which meant for quick laps. The resort is broken into piste, off piste and back country and its fine to go into the trees. The snow was pissing it down making the lifty work hard with his nimbus 2000 broom to clear the seats. We set up chair 4 for our first Japow run. The snow was light and each turn was white room. Big smiles meant a mouthful of the good stuff each turn. Each turn also meant you couldn’t see the next which was a little scary in the trees. A poor start to the season also meant that the was still a bit of bushy growth poking through ready to take their next victim at any given moment. The trees were fun and the first couple of piste laps epic. The snow so light cutting through the chop with ease.

IMG_6285 We then hooked up with Japan seasonaire Mark Watson who opened up the resort to us with his knowledge dropping over the back of the resort the tree lines were sick and again tight.

IMG_6295 Despite all the reports the price of food and drink at resort was cheaper(about £10 for lunch inc drink) than France and the states. You could even make you own pizza and overload the toppings. Look out for the lift pass deal with lunch and onsen (Japanese natural hot tubs) for even more value for money. Day 1 done good it’s gonna be an epic trip

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